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Should I Report Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Internally?

Statistics indicate that nearly $100 billion in taxpayer money is lost every year in the U.S. due to Medicare and Medicaid fraud. That’s many hundreds of dollars coming out of every taxpayer’s pocket, all the while enriching dishonest criminals in the healthcare... read more

Severance Agreement Restricts Whistleblowing? Read This

Severance agreements have long been used to reach amicable – or at the very least, mutually beneficial – resolutions to an individual’s employment with a firm. By definition, a severance agreement is a new agreement that stands apart from any previous... read more

IRS Whistleblower Awards Up 300%+ in 2016

The IRS has had the power to make awards to whistleblowers for exactly 150 years as of 2017 (the initial law allowing for awards, which is still on the books, was enacted in 1867), and the agency is showing no signs of slowing down the process of making such awards.... read more