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Severance Agreement Restricts Whistleblowing? Read This

Severance Agreement Restricts Whistleblowing? Read This

Severance agreements have long been used to reach amicable – or at the very least, mutually beneficial – resolutions to an individual’s employment with a firm. By definition, a severance agreement is a new agreement that stands apart from any previous... read more

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Can I File an FCA Claim if One Has Already Been Filed?

One of the key considerations a plaintiff contemplating bringing a False Claims Act (FCA) claim faces is acting quickly to meet the FCA “first-to-file” rule. Under this rule included in the federal statute allowing for FCA claims, once an FCA claim is filed, “no... read more

3 Reasons Successful Taxpayer Fraud Creates More Fraud

We all know that people, organizations, and businesses cheat on their taxes. Certainly, this does not mean everyone does it, nor does it make it okay. But it can be easy to believe that taxpayer fraud is simply a fact of life and that it is not worthwhile to take... read more