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IRS Whistleblower Awards Up 300%+ in 2016

The IRS has had the power to make awards to whistleblowers for exactly 150 years as of 2017 (the initial law allowing for awards, which is still on the books, was enacted in 1867), and the agency is showing no signs of slowing down the process of making such awards.... read more

Judge Triples FCA Jury Award to $347 Million

One of the key challenges in bringing a False Claims Act (FCA) claim is to make a compelling case to the jury that the evidence proffered by the plaintiff justifies the full amount of damages requested. Oftentimes, a jury may award less than what is requested by the... read more

Can I File an FCA Claim if One Has Already Been Filed?

One of the key considerations a plaintiff contemplating bringing a False Claims Act (FCA) claim faces is acting quickly to meet the FCA “first-to-file” rule. Under this rule included in the federal statute allowing for FCA claims, once an FCA claim is filed, “no... read more