Overcharging Through False, Inflated, or Duplicate Invoices

When someone robs a bank or a store, it is usually accomplished through brandishing a weapon and threatening violence. But when American taxpayers are robbed through fraud perpetrated on the federal government, the weapon of choice is often invoices submitted for payment. The most common ways invoices are used to steal money from taxpayers and put it in the hands of criminals is through false, inflated, or duplicate invoices. If you as an employee, subcontractor, or competitor of a government contractor (or even as a customer or industry observer) witness evidence that false, inflated, or duplicate invoices are being or have been submitted to the federal government, you may be eligible to collect a significant whistleblower reward for bringing that information to the attention of federal regulators. At Kreindler & Associates, we help courageous individuals navigate the whistleblowing process via False Claims Act (FCA) actions to win the reward they deserve.

How Criminals Use Invoices to Defraud the Government

Simply looking at an invoice in isolation may not provide all the information necessary to conclude fraud has occurred, but here are common signs that employees and/or management at a contractor (including healthcare providers that deal in Medicare/Medicaid services) are using invoices to commit fraud:

  • Submitting invoices that include services or goods not actually provided
  • “Upcoding” or inflating the cost of the services that were actually provided
  • “Unbundling” or using multiple entries on invoices for services/goods that should have been collectively listed in order to increase profits
  • Submitting duplicate invoices
  • Submitting invoices for services not yet provided
  • Inflating the costs of materials and services provided by subcontractors

By working with an experienced whistleblower attorney, you can bring an FCA claim to recover the fraudulent income received by the wrongdoer. In general, the initiator of a successful FCA lawsuit is entitled to between 15% and 25% of the government’s total recovery, which often results in a seven-figure payout for the whistleblower.

Bringing an FCA Claim With an Experienced FCA Attorney

At Kreindler & Associates, our focus is on bringing whistleblower claims and we will work with you to evaluate your potential case and guide you through the entire FCA process. An FCA claim is only valid if it has not previously been initiated by another plaintiff or the government, so it is in your interest to speak with an experienced FCA attorney as soon as possible. Contact us today for an evaluation of your allegations.