IRS Whistleblower Attorney

IRS Whistleblower Attorney

While paying taxes may seem like a hassle every April, most people realize that our tax dollars are critical to the continued existence of many crucial government programs, including home loan programs, college loan programs, cancer research, military forces, and highway construction. That’s why tax fraud is so detrimental to our economy, leaving honest citizens to pick up the tab. It’s also why IRS whistleblowers are so important.

If you suspect that an individual or a corporation is committing tax fraud, don’t be afraid to speak up. The experienced attorneys at Kreindler and Associates are here to guide you through the whistleblowing process and ensure that your rights are protected continuously.

Protections for IRS Whistleblowers

Since 1987, the Internal Revenue Code has permitted the IRS to provide discretionary rewards to tax fraud whistleblowers. The IRS whistleblower program rewards courageous individuals who report tax fraud up to 30% of the taxes and penalties collected on a reported fraud. In 2013, an employee of UBS was awarded $104 million by the IRS for his role in exposing tax fraud at the company.

With the passage of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006, some of these rewards became mandatory, and the IRS was required to establish a separate Whistleblower Office to hear appeals from whistleblowers who are denied or unhappy with an award. Mandatory awards of 15 to 30% of the IRS’s recovery are granted when a whistleblower’s allegations lead to the collection of more than $2 million from an organization, or a finding of fraud against an individual making more than $200,000 annually. Discretionary awards are available for lower recoveries. It’s important for whistleblowers to note that the penalties recovered can be much higher than the amount of tax actually owed.

Reporting tax fraud and receiving a whistleblower award involves filing two separate forms:

An Information Referral, where the tax improprieties are set forth; and
An Application for Award for Original Information, where a whistleblower claims a reward under the IRS’s whistleblower program.

The most critical thing is that claims of tax fraud or improprieties be substantiated by specific evidence of wrongdoing, and not by mere suspicion. Only after a proper submission is presented will the IRS evaluate and potentially investigate the allegations. The process can take several years.

How An Experienced Whistleblower Attorney Can Help

Bringing an IRS whistleblower claim is a complicated process. Improperly presented submissions can quickly bring an end to any tax fraud claim. This is why it’s essential to have an experienced tax fraud attorney evaluate your allegations and guide you through the investigation. Retaining a lawyer who is familiar with the submission and investigation process increases your chances of successfully recovering a whistleblower award, while at the same time protecting your confidentiality and interests.

The diligent attorneys at Kreindler and Associates have over 15 years experience working with courageous individuals to help bring harmful tax fraud to light. Our attorneys are well-versed in the IRS whistleblowing process and will work with you every step of the way to make sure your claims are properly presented, that your confidentiality is protected, and that you receive the recovery you deserve as quickly as possible. Navigating the complicated waters of becoming a whistleblower is not something you should attempt on your own.

If you have evidence of tax fraud or questions about how to report tax improprieties and receive a whistleblower award, contact us today and let Kreindler and Associates help you determine your best course of action.